1. Offer and Order confirmation

1.1 Offers provided by Blackbird Media are valid for 7 days unless otherwise is agreed in writing or stated in the offer.

1.2 Booking confirmation is the final document sent from Blackbird Media according to agreed agreement.

1.3 Any graphical mock-up displayed by Blackbird Media is a copy made of a specific site according to the Property owner. These can change during the site period.

2. Prices

2.1 Prices are always excl. vat.

2.2 Prices are dynamic and correlated to supply and demand. Prices can change when original offer is no longer valid.

3. Supply of material

3.1 The client shall deliver/upload advertising content according to the technical specifications provided by Blackbird Media.

3.2 If advertising content is not in accordance with the delivery specifications, Blackbird Media must inform the client before printing.

3.3 Any delay in connection with upload of content or if delivered material is not correct, according to specifications, this might influence the campaign start. The client will therefore be charged for any extra costs, and Blackbird Media is not obliged to give any compensation.

3.4 The advertising material must follow the guideline by the International Chamber of Commerce Codex.

3.5 Any artwork of nudity, sexuality, religious or political propaganda must be approved by Blackbird Media.

3.6 Blackbird Media reserve the right to start production immediately after receiving the advertising content from the client, regardless of the deadline stated in the technical specification.

4. Landlord/property owner

4.1 It might be necessary to obtain approval by 3rd parties’/public authorities in certain cases, before the advertisement will be installed on the buildings or other sites.

5. Blackbird Media’s Obligations

5.1 Blackbird Media is responsible for installation and removal of banner according to agreed campaign period.

5.2 Blackbird Media manages production/printing of banner or other foil solutions.

5.3 Blackbird Media will destroy the banner after end of campaign in a correct and environmentally responsible way.

6. Storage

6.1 Blackbird Media can offer service and storage of the advertising banner upon client request. Additional cost will occur.

7. Installation

7.1 Installation date and time might be changed due to weather conditions, and/or other force majeure issues. For instance, wind conditions over 12m/seconds enables Blackbird Media to remove large banners for security matters. Blackbird Media is not obliged to give any compensation under such conditions.

7.2 Blackbird Media might be told to remove advertising due to sudden public regulations, force majeure, security, or police regulations etc. without notice and in such terms, Blackbird Media is not obliged to give any compensation.

7.3 Blackbird Media is not responsible for theft, vandalism, or any other damages on the banner.

7.4 Blackbird Media manages the installation of illumination. Illumination is for most parts included in the offers, but not always. Ask for the individual offer if not clearly stated.

8. Cancellation and termination

8.1 Clients may cancel an advertising campaign under the agreement by giving notice in writing to the media owner on the following basis: Notice of cancellation must be provided within 4 months’ notice before the campaign start date. If notice of cancellation is provided less than 4 months before the start date of the campaign, the client shall pay fee in full.


9.1 Payment of fees is due in accordance with payment terms according to order confirmation. Payment terms are 8 days from invoicing date unless other conditions in writing are agreed upon.

9.2 If payment is not received according to the payment terms the client will be liable to pay Blackbird Media interest at a rate of 1% per start of the month. The client is not obliged to hold back the payment or make any draws.

9.3 Blackbird Media reserves the right to change payment terms in case Blackbird Media receives any information about the client regarding financial difficulties etc.

10. Jurisdiction and governing law

10.1 These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Danish legislation and the parties agree to jurisdiction of the Danish Court in relation to any conflict.